ImageBuilding Design

"Our international team of experts guarantee you a productive and efficient building design and construction process always adhering to your visions and interests"


"Managing today's complex construction projects requires a diverse, yet cohesive set of skills and experiences to ensure a successful completion of the project"

ImageFactory Planning

"Our approach to planning is based firmly on maintaining a clear customer focus. We plan from the inside out,adapting the factory layout to the production process within"

Why Us

  • Clients motivations

  • In response to quick changes of international markets, enterprises are currently under more pressures than ever before. Flexibility and dynamism become more and more important to have a competitive advantage, a key factor to success.

  • Our core services

  • Sander - Plancon supports your investment by building up your production facilities and facilitate the relocation of your business or factory, worldwide. We are mainly active in India. Inquiries about South America and Brazil more specifically are welcome.