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-Detailed User profile with Departments, Designations and User Photos.
-Allocation of accessibility of Modules and Sections to various Users according to designation and scope of work.
-Messaging System for Users to communicate with each other regarding ongoing processes and schedules.
-Detailed access profiles for users with options for managing individual View and Modify access rights for all sections of the software.
-Ability to open up to eight simultaneous Windows within the software.
-Encrypted storage of all sensitive data.
-Software Usage logs for all users including login and logout time.
-Periodic Database backup and maintenance utilities.
-Integrity Checker for all Database and supporting Files.

-Detailed Inventory for Raw Materials, Packaging and Finished Goods.
-Batch Wise Drill Down – Detailed View of Individual Batches.
-Physical Reconciliation of Stocks and changes thereafter.
-Raw Materials and Finished goods are defined with Extensive information about physical and chemical Properties.
-Detailed Information about hazard profile of material. HMIS Codes and Safety Precautions.
-Quality control - testing parameters with Specifications for both Raw materials and Finished Goods.
-Excise Details and Tax Profiles with Storage Instructions.
-Define Reorder Levels for Raw Materials for Stock shortage alerts.
-Define Minimum Stock Levels for Finished Goods.
-Multiple levels of Grouping for Raw Materials, Packaging and Finished Goods.
-Batch Wise Costing for Raw Materials and Packaging.
-Multiple ways of costing analysis for Finished Goods with fixed and variable cost parameters.
-Facility to Block Raw Materials, Packaging materials and Finished Goods Inventory for future use.

-Each Finished Good can have multiple recipes
-Each Recipe can have multiple phases of preparation with Intermediate Testing of required parameters. Each phase has its separate set of instructions.
-Design Bill of Materials containing the exact amounts of Raw Materials required.
-Modify the variance allowed in the amount of Raw Materials used at the time of creating a Production Batch.
-Define Testing Parameters for Finished Goods for Quality Control.
-Recipe Designer lets the user define multiple versions of Raw Material combinations and tests for the same Recipe. A single version of Recipe can be chosen to add as a product recipe.
-When changing an existing Recipe for a product, the older version is saved as obsolete. A history of all the obsolete recipes for any product can be maintained.

-Batches with any quantity size can be taken and the respective Raw Material requirement is automatically calculated.
-Before creating a Batch you can check whether all the raw materials are available and also the maximum quantity of Finished Goods that can be produced with the available Raw Materials.
-Option to select Raw Materials from various lots available in Stock. The software pre-selects automatically based on FIFO system.
-After Creating a Batch you can schedule it for a given reactor for a particular slot of time on the shift. A weekly batch scheduler for each Reactor provides instant information about Batches to be taken.
-Multiple Quality Tests can be ordered for any Product Batch. Any one of the test results can be selected to print the final Certificate of Analysis.
-If any of the raw materials for a batch has hazardous warning, it is flashed at the time of creating the batch. Proper safety precautions can also be viewed specific to the particular product.
-After a batch is produced the material is allocated to proper packaging. The yield of the product may vary with very batch and hence a range of packaging may be used to accommodate any quantity of Finished Goods.

-Purchase Orders created in the software are very detailed with details of Supplier, Payment terms, Insurance, Freight and Excise/Tax details.
-Detailed Supplier Information can be added for all suppliers with contact details, Taxation Details and Materials available for Purchase. Suppliers can be categorised by performance ratings or as Manufacturer/Dealer or custom groups.
-Purchase Orders can only be finalised after being approved by Procurement Supervisor. Quotations can be viewed for the Items to be purchased during the creation of a Purchase Order.
-Excise and Tax Calculations are added according to predefined tax profiles.
-Alerts related to Purchase Orders are posted to Dashboard when any Raw Material or Packaging Material Stock goes below the specified Re-Order Level.
-Expected Date for Receipt of Goods can be set and Alerts are provided if goods are not received by the expected Date.
-Invoice from Suppliers and other documents can be scanned and Saved for a Purchase Order.
-Purchase Orders can be Short Closed/Received and will be reflected in Reports.

-Sales Orders created in the software are very detailed with details of Customer, Payment terms, Insurance, Freight and Excise/Tax details.
-Detailed Customer Information can be added for all Customers with contact details, Taxation Details. Customers can be categorised by type of industry or Dealer/End User or custom groups.
-Dispatch Instructions are added to Sales Orders and dispatch can then be completed by selecting Finished Goods from available batch lots. If Finished goods Stock is not available a Job order can be created for production.
-Excise and Tax Calculations are added according to predefined tax profiles.
-Alerts related to Production are posted to Dashboard when any Finished Good Stock goes below the specified Minimum Stock Level.
-Expected Date for dispatch of Goods is set and Alerts are provided if goods are not dispatched by the expected Date.
-Purchase Orders from Customers and other documents can be scanned and saved for a Sales Order. All relevant Documents at time of Dispatch can be printed.
-Option to make entry for rejected goods and report anomalies.

-A separate module for managing Laboratory process and analysis.
-Test parameters can be defined both as Numeric and Text.
-When the test parameter is of Numeric type, the software gives a warning when the test result is not within the specified range for any sample.
-Multiple laboratories can be defined for independent Tests for Product design and batch.
-The history of test results for finished batches of any product can be graphically analysed. Study of Mean values and Variance of parameters can lead to better design of product recipes.
-Testing Method for all parameters can be defined. These testing methods can be viewed while designing recipes and assigning test parameters. When a batch is being processed the respective test procedures can be also viewed.

-Extensive reporting System with separate reporting sections for : Inventory Product Design Production Procurement Sales and Despatch Laboratory
-Each Report can also be viewed in graphical format with options for Bar Charts, Histograms, Pie Charts etc.
-Reports can be viewed Week wise, Month wise and Year wise.
-Custom Reports can also be viewed from a given start date to end date.
-All reports are exportable along with Graphs to Excel Format or Adobe PDF Format.
-Option to Print a Single report or a set of reports to get all selected reports for a week or month.
-An active unique Dashboard gives all important information specific to the user logged in. A single dashboard provides a comprehensive view of alerts, activities, and tasks in real time.
-Reports can be drilled down to get specific information and enhanced detail.
-A maximum of up to twelve MIS or other types of Reports can be incorporated according to the specific need of Users.
-Reports can be used to analyse data and find ways to optimise operational efficiency and cost reductions.

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